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Torque Release Technique® in Orlando

Dr. Ilean Santos gently performing torque release method on child

The Torque Release Technique (TRT) is a scientifically validated chiropractic approach recognized as one of the most precise and evidence-based techniques worldwide. At Arise Family Chiropractic, we employ this method to identify and address the root causes of health issues, enabling us to witness transformative outcomes on a daily basis.

Understanding TRT

Marking the advent of the “Second Century” of chiropractic techniques, TRT was developed through rigorous scientific research investigating the health benefits of chiropractic treatment. It integrates 15 diagnostic indicators from eight influential chiropractic pioneers and their unique techniques.
NEW Patients

A study published in a leading psychiatry journal demonstrated significant success in reducing anxiety and depression levels, along with improved well-being metrics, attributed to patients receiving TRT chiropractic adjustments.

TRT is designed to stimulate your nervous system—essentially a jump start for your body’s electrical system—to release and lessen tension, thereby aiding your body in self-correction. The technique employs an instrument known as the Integrator to deliver incredibly accurate adjustments.

Advantages of the Integrator

The Integrator’s primary strength lies in its ability to provide a specific and gentle adjustment at a consistent frequency to the nerve endings of the spinal column, precisely where nerve function has been disrupted. The Integrator’s unique features that contribute to its efficacy include:


With the Integrator, practitioners can accurately target the exact point on the spine needing nerve function adjustment.


The force, energy frequency, torque, and speed delivered by the Integrator are all custom-designed to provide the optimal amount of energy needed to normalize nerve function.


An adjustment can be performed with the spine in a completely relaxed state, applying a controlled amount of force.


The instrument’s incredibly rapid yet shallow impulse contributes to the gentleness and effectiveness of the adjustment.


The Integrator’s built-in “bounce” or recoil in the impulse enhances the body’s response to the nervous system.


Just as subatomic particles, atoms, muscles, and human bodies move in three dimensions, the Integrator’s three-dimensional impulse maximizes its effectiveness on the human body.


The benefits of Integrator adjustments have been scientifically measured and documented in major peer-reviewed medical journals.


The instrument consistently delivers the correct amount of force and energy with each adjustment.


The assessment, examination, and adjustments used in TRT are standardized, ensuring that multiple practitioners using the same method can deliver consistent results and experiences.


The Integrator is the first device of its kind to receive a patent for the correction of Subluxation and FDA accreditation (FDA 510k label)

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We provide this gentle, safe, and effective technique to patients ranging from newborns to the elderly, ensuring that every family member can thrive! Contact us today to schedule your initial appointment.

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