Chiropractic Testimonials

“I like to say Dr. Santos has miracle hands! Her very gentle yet specific adjustments allow my neck pain and headaches to remain pain-free. She is an amazing doctor inside and out and truly cares about you and your health.”

- Brittney R.

“Dr. Santos is an outstanding Chiropractor and person. Her sacral adjustments cleared out the incontinence that was so bothersome and I'll always be grateful.”

- Marianne M.

“Not only does Dr. Santos listens to your needs and concerns she will find solutions and explain everything in detail. I used to have high blood pressure problems and had to take a pill daily but since I started getting adjusted and with the care of Dr. Santos I haven’t had to take any medication for it since 2017. She goes above and beyond to help you and find healthy solutions to your health concerns.”

- Elizabeth P.

“I had the absolute pleasure of being under the care of Dr. Santos during my pregnancy. This was my first pregnancy so I wanted to be as cautious and focused as possible when it came to my care. I loved how gentle & kind she was with me and my baby and truly appreciated how she offered natural options for pregnancy and the natural birthing process. Dr. Santos often shared her personal experiences with pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum recovery which helped me feel connected to her and that she was empathic to what I was going through and the marathon I was preparing for. Though pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum are challenging in different ways, her calm demeanor and confidence in her recommendations helped put me at ease. I’d highly recommend any member of the family see her and will always cherish our time together.”

- Brit’ny R.

“I have seen Dr. Ilean for quite some time now. She not only provides me relief at every adjustment, but she is very wise when it comes to health advice! You can count on her.”

- Hannah A.

“My first adjustment ever was with Dr. Santos and I slept like a baby. I never knew about chiropractic, and she oriented me about the importance of chiropractic care. Very attentive and pays close attention to every detail.”

- Itza R.

“Dr. Ilean Santos with intelligence, wisdom, passion, love and constant dedication consistently demonstrates her passion for chiropractic when caring for her patients. Her performance as a doctor speaks for itself.”

- Frances M.

“One of the best experiences I had under chiropractic care. Dr. Santos has vast knowledge in her field and makes you feel like family. Highly recommended.”

- Dharma C.

“My two kids had suffered from neck/low back pain and TMJ issues. Dr. Santos has helped them tremendously. Her knowledge in this field is superb, she is very friendly and my kids love her!”

- Dessire S.

“For four years we used Dr. Santos as our Chiropractor, starting out as a family of five seeing her she helped get me through two more pregnancies without any back pain. Dr. Santos saw all five children and it helped them tremendously to say healthy. My husband suffered from severe nerve pain and Dr. Santos helped him get back to his normal self. We enjoyed our time with her as a chiropractor and friend.”

- Cristen O.

“When we adopted our sweet little girl, we knew right away we wanted to begin chiropractic care! At 3 weeks old, we brought our daughter in to see Dr. Santos! Brielle had been extremely gassy and fussy as well as a little stiff. We noticed a huge difference in our sweet little girl within the first 3 visits. Now she is 14 months old and praises the Lord she is happy and healthy! Dr. Santos is amazing and I would recommend her to any family!”

- Rachel C.

“When Dr. Ilean adjusted my neck I knew the difference because I could go home and have a better quality of sleep through the night which kept me rested and energized for the next day.”

- Allan V.

“Dr. Santos is a wonderful chiropractor! She takes great care of her patients with loving service. She is a fantastic adjuster; don’t let her size fool you, she can bring the heat if she needs to!”

- Chandler C.

“I have been in three major car accidents throughout my lifetime. These accidents have caused me to get severe migraines, neck pain, upper back pain, and low back pain.
Dr. Santos has helped me to stay migraine free and has helped me to be able to keep doing the things I love to do without neck and back pain. Her adjustments are very gentle, specific, and scientific.”

- Theresa S.

“Dr. Santos not only helped me with hip and low back pain but also worked miracles for my husband with low back and sciatica issues. He wasn’t able to get out of bed without help and was skeptical but Dr. Santos explained the process of his body being able to heal through adjustments. We both know the power of chiropractic thanks to Dr. Santos.”

- Regina W.

“I’ve been under chiropractic care for many years and seen great results for my migraines. I suffered a new injury to my shoulder and ribs, and Dr. Santos was able to help me recover from this. I am now able to lift my grandsons and pitch softballs to my niece again.”

- Cassandra C.

“I had been under chiropractic care for over 15 years when I met Dr. Santos, and thanks to her I was able to get my sweet babies under care as well. We started them under care as babies to make sure we gave them the best start possible, free from ear infections, reflux, allergies, and asthma! Dr. Santos helps them stay well through all the tumbles and falls of toddlerhood, and helps me stay well so I can keep up, with no back pain, no asthma, and no headaches!”

- Miranda C.

“I suffered from chronic low back and irritable bowel syndrome, and by 18 years old was on multiple medications, had dropped out of swimming and baseball, and thought he would be stuck in that cycle for the rest of his life. I started chiropractic care and noticed an immediate improvement in my back pain, but was even more excited to see improvement in my irritable bowel symptoms. After a year of care, I was completely well! I’ve been able to take up jogging and enjoy dates with my wife without fear of IBS symptoms.”

- Steffan C.

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